Setting up of library for kids underway

From the very early stage of conception, QK Ahmad Foundation (QKAF) has been laying a special focus on building a future generation that takes pride in its socio-cultural heritage and is imbued with the spirits of mutual prosperity, human dignity and shared prosperity. And this, we at QKAF believe, is only possible through nurturing their finer qualities, in which books can play a catalytic role.

In this light, QKAF has taken the initiative of setting up a library, especially for urban children. The Zaheda and QK Ahmad Library, named after the QKAF Chairman and his wife, is currently being set up at its headquarters in Dhaka.

The children, particularly those living in the cities, are growingly drifting away from books and resorting to internet-based technologies that expose and make them vulnerable to practices that are ill-suited for their age and our socio-cultural context. As a result, we, much to our dismay, see a growing number of young children with no pride in their own heritage and little or no respect for our cultural values. This more often than not results in their lack of self-esteem, and eventually, a fragile future generation for Bangladesh.

The Zaheda and QK Ahmad Library aims to increase reading habit among people, especially the children, by introducing them to quality and appropriate knowledge materials including books and audiovisuals.

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