Late. Shabuddin Khan, owner of Lucky Builders Corporation had started his contracting business since the regime of Pakistan. He had completed many govt. construction works successfully as General Post office, Khulna, Meteorological building, Barishal and Police training center, Dhaka are of those. Side by side contracting business he started to think of developer business. As a part of this idea he had constructed a 8 storied building in lalmatia, Dhaka in front of Mohila college in 1993 at first. Subsequently, he had constructed more than 3 buildings near by lalmatia water tank and `C’ block along with 4th project near by Arong, lalmatia, Dhaka. As a whole, he had constructed 9 storied building as fifth project in Iqbal road. It is noted that all projects were 9th storied building as a whole.

The rest buildings were built up by corporation in Porana poltan, Dhaka, which is 5 storied buildings with under pass facilities. However, he had constructed 7th project in 100 feet road in uttora, Dhaka and what not. After completion of 80% works of the said project, he had died in 2016. Since then his son Mr. Parvej Ahmed khan took over the charge of the Lucky Builders Corporation. Anyway, now he has been leading the developing business successfully as a successor of his father Mr. Shahbuddin Ahmed.